Kentucky Medication Aide (KMA)

The purpose of the Kentucky Medication Aide course is to prepare the Medicaid Nurse Aide to administer specific medications in a long-term care facility, as delegated and supervised by a licensed nurse. The course shall include basic principles, techniques and procedures of medication administration in accordance with established guidelines and requirements that direct the limited functions of the Kentucky Medication Aide.

Credential Opportunities for successful completion of the course – Certificate and eligibility to apply for the Kentucky Medication aide registry.

Career Opportunities – Work in long-term care facilities, assisted-living homes and personal care facilities.

Wage/Salary Information – Go to $9-$12 dollars an hour in Southeast Kentucky, up to $17 in northern Kentucky

Length of Program – 5 credit hours. This course may be completed in one semester. The course requires 105 contact hours, (65 lecture/lab and 40 clinical).

Admission Requirements – 

     MNA 100 or NAA 100 with a letter grade of “C” or above. 
     Must provide verification of active status on the Nurse Aide Registry. 
     Documentation of six months of work experience as a Medicaid nurse aide in a health care facility within the last two years. 
     High school diploma or G.E.D or TABE (score at a 10th grade level) 
     ACT 16 or above or Compass test score of 34 or above in Pre-Algebra and a 76 or above in reading. 
     Anyone interested in taking this course must schedule an appointment with Jennifer Howard, KMA Program Coordinator. 
     All admission requirements must be met in order to enroll in the class.

Health Certifications – A TB skin test within the last year. If a student has a positive TB skin test the student must have a chest x-ray. Hepatitis B vaccination or signed declination. Students will not be allowed to attend clinical without proof.

Clinical – Are usually conducted where the Medicaid Nurse Aide is employed or at an approved facility.

Kentucky Medication Aide State Exam – Upon successful completion of the Kentucky Medication Aide Course students are eligible to take the Kentucky Medication Aide State test. Once the student successfully passes the Kentucky Medication Aide State test, the students name will be placed on the Kentucky Medication Aide Registry as a State Registered Kentucky Medication Aide with the Cabinet for Health Services of Kentucky. The cost of the test is $60.00. Students must present an unexpired state or Federal issued photo identification card and an original non-laminated social security card. Names must match on both documents.

Nurse Aide Program Coordinator
Jennifer Howard, RN