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Technology Solutions FAQ

Can you help me with problems on my personal laptop?

No, we are not allowed to unless it is a quick fix related directly to an SKCTC class issue.

Can you give me Microsoft Office?

It is illegal for us to distribute licensed software so we cannot supply student with Microsoft Office. Office is available at a huge discount at

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking the link at the very top of the Southeast webpage called "User Account Center" or you can just CLICK THIS LINK   (you will need to provide your student ID and SSN for security purposes)

How do I set up email on the iPhone?

Mobile device configuration will vary depending on the device. Android and iPhone general instructions are listed below.  For more detailed instructions on these (and other devices), visit the Microsoft Mobile Phone Setup Wizard.

General Android Setup

  1. Navigate to Account Settings, and select Add Account
  2. Choose Microsoft Exchange Activesync
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. If prompted to accept the Activation Agreement, select Yes
  5. When prompted to enter Domain, scroll to the bottom and select Manual Setup
  6. Enter in the Exchange server field
  7. If prompted that " must be able to remotely control security features", select Yes
  8. Set any account options required
  9. Name your account
  10. If prompted to "Update Security Settings", click Activate

General iPhone Setup

  1. From Settings, select Mail Contacts Calendar
  2. Select Add Account
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange as the account type
  4. Enter your email address in both the Email Address and Username fields
  5. Enter your password in the Password field
  6. If prompted that settings could not be determined, click Continue
  7. If asked for server name, enter
  8. Save the configuration

I was taking a Blackboard test and it froze up. What can i do?

Contact your instructor and make them aware of the issue and you may also wish to visit the Blackboard help desk by clicking this link

Why can’t I get a link in Blackboard to open on my home computer?

You may need to add that site as an allowable site in your Internet security settings, you may need to use Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer, there could be an error in the set up process from the instructor check with him\her, or you may need to contact the Blackboard Help Desk for help.

Why can’t I get into my SKCTC email?

Your password may need to be reset. Possible problems at home are an Internet security setting on your computer may need changing to allow that page, your pop up blocker may need to be changed, or your Internet connection may not be not working.

What is my student id number?

This is a 9 digit number assigned by KCTCS when you enroll. If you do not know this number, it can be found on your schedule, your bill or you student ID card. If you do not know your identification number you will have to go to the admissions office, with a picture ID, to get this information. Admissions is the only office authorized to give students this information. The Help Desk does not have access to this information.