Crawdad Student Arts Festivals

Appalachian Program
Crawdad Student Arts Festivals
Captain Crawdad's Social Experiment 119
The Appalachian Center invites all Southeast students to participate in the continuing creation of student-run arts, music, and creativity festivals.
In the Spring of 2008, Southeast students got together with faculty sponsors Robert Gipe, Ann Schertz, Elana Scopa, and Erin Wilson to plan out the first Crawdad Art Festival.
The idea behind these festivals is to help students create an event that gives people a chance to see what they can do, celebrate the talent around here, and have a good time.

Since 2008 there have been several festival events involving many different forms of expression and ideas for future festivals include; singing, songwriting, solo musical performance, bands, dancing, writing, photography, digital art, film & video making, drama, drawing, painting, cartooning, graphic design, sculpture, pottery, fabric art, storytelling, tattoos, skateboarding—it’s all good.

Anyone interested in more information about the festival may contact me. Anyone interested in signing up as a participating artist/exhibitor or as one of the organizers can fill out the attached sign-up sheet and email it back to me. Elana Scopa ( or 589-3061) in the Adult Education office or, Robert Gipe Director, Appalachian Program (606) 589-3130

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